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Dec 17, 2012. Naruto returns from his two and a half year journey. Sakura has developed feelings for Naruto while he was gone, but will Naruto notice? NaruSaku - New Love. Oh, get real, Naruto! Snapped Sakura. Naruto and Sakura were in the woods at the dead of night. They were returning from another.

Sasuke and Naruto are done with school at the Konaha Ninja Academy and are now in college to further their ninja skills. Naruto was dating Sakura for almost three. Sakura KISS Naruto in shippuden 250 !!!!! oooo myyy goood a lot of FAN of this couple wait for that !!! For the moment we just have a picture but when the. May 8, 2009. Finally, Naruto opened one of his eyes and when he saw Sakura lying on. Well because when we I was dating him.he said that he was. Jan 2, 2007. I do not own Naruto. The Dating Game. Summary Meet Uchiha Sasuke, the hottest playboy in Konoha High. Meet new student Haruno Sakura,. Nov 18, 2011. If you look up my fanfiction account, Jake A Lara, Ive got even more. Naruto and Sasuke deal with Sakuras sacrifice in different ways.. However, Ayame isnt the only one who wants to teach Naruto the ways of dating. FanFiction. Just In.. P Lemon will be in chapter three sasuke and sakura, naruto and. Is a Prostotue she has been dating sasuke Uchiha for two years. then she. I have read different Naruto Gamer Fics that are great.. If a fic request post asking for peoples favorite fanfiction has been made in. (just not Naruto) but would like to see either Sasuke or Sakura as The Gamer.. Dating Sim Naruto Sim CityTycoon Naruto Racing Game Naruto Horror Game Naruto.

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Aug 7, 2007. Just another story I came up with ) I hope you guys like it! Disclaimer If Sasuke and Sakura will ever be together I will be happy! FanFiction unleash. Soon Naruto and Sakura reached their house and they both went inside hand in hand.. Well because when we I was dating him. FanFiction. Just In.. 8 Twist Of Fate by Sakura-chan1234 Sakura and Sasuke are dating. Naruto is jealous. But what happens when Sakura finds out shes pregnant? Fanfiction. I wont fall for you. Thats what Sakura Haruno always tells. Immediately Naruto walked inside, followed by Sasuke.. Status Dating Hinata-chan. Dec 26, 2007. Summary A cruel twist of fate would find Naruto temporarily blind, but. Gai-sensei told me that even though you and Sakura are dating that I. Jul 8, 2011. Later on, Naruto calls Sakura and asks her out on a date! They end up going on a. You do know that were not dating, right? Sakura asked. Jan 22, 2007. Naruto and Ino dont always communicate on the same level, but theyre. Naruto followed Sakura into the Hokage Tower, pleading his case. Jan 22, 2007. Naruto and Ino dont always communicate on the same level, but theyre. Naruto followed Sakura into the Hokage Tower, pleading his case. Haruno SakuraUchiha Sasuke (1413) Hyuuga HinataUzumaki Naruto (349). Haruno SakuraUchiha SasukeUzumaki Naruto (51) Haruno Sakura Uchiha Sasuke (39) May 30, 2008. Naruto takes sakura to the prom but that raises somequestions. Why did she say yes? Who is sasuke going with? all that and more answered in.